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Table 3 Retention kinetics of AuNPs, AgNPs, and AuNP+AgNP co-exposure in lungs

From: Lung retention and particokinetics of silver and gold nanoparticles in rats following subacute inhalation co-exposure

  First order model
T1/2, daya
AuNPs 81.5
AuNPs when co-exposed with AgNPs 54.2
  Two-phase model
Fast-clearance phase Slow-clearance phase
  T1/2, daysa T1/2, daysa
AgNPs 3.1 48.5
AgNPs when co-exposed with AuNPs 2.2 28.4
  1. These data were analyzed using a two-phase model (fast and slow); Ag showed a two-phase model, whereas Au showed first order kinetics
  2. The AuNPs and co-exposed AuNPs were analyzed based on a first order model using the equation [M(t)=P1exp(−λ1t)]
  3. The AgNPs and co-exposed AgNPs were analyzed based on a two-phase clearance (fast and slow) using the equation [M(t)=P1exp(−λ1t)+P2exp(−λ2t)], a) half-time time; T1/2 = ln(2) / λ (d1 and d2)