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Table 1 Primary antibodies used in the study

From: Airborne particulate matter (PM2.5) triggers ocular hypertension and glaucoma through pyroptosis

Antibody Source Catalog No Type of Ab Dilution MW
NLRP3 Abcam ab214185 Rabbit polyclonal 1:1000 (WB)
1:200 (IF)
114 kD
Caspase-1 Abcam ab207802 Rabbit polyclonal 1:1000 (WB) 35, 70 kD
Caspase-1 Proteintech 22,915–1-AP Rabbit polyclonal 1:200 (IF)  
IL-1β Abcam ab9722 Rabbit polyclonal 1:1000 (WB) 30, 45 kD
GSDMD Abcam ab215203 Rabbit monoclonal 1:1000 (WB) 35, 250 kD
GAPDH Abcam ab8245 Mouse monoclonal 1:1000 (WB) 36 kD
  1. CST Cell Signaling Technology, IF immunofluorescence, MW molecular weight, WB western blotting